Quality Control At each milk delivery, samples are taken from each producer. All these samples are taken to Stymfalia’s central quality control laboratory. A modern Cheese factory Stymfalias’ new facilities, opened in 1995, offering state-of-the-art sanitary conditions, are amongst the most modern cheese factories in Greece. There, tradition and technology are in perfect harmony. Organic […]
In 2006 Christos Vasilopoulos , fond of honey , and Kostas Stamatopoulos , beekeeper , decided to establish the ARKAS BEE OE main purpose of standardizing and packaging honey .The foundation of the company was not only the diagnosis of a business opportunity but also the love and passion of the two founders of honey […]
Cheese manufacturing products at the best prices.
The workshop pasta “Gortynia” is a family business based in Daphne Gortynia Arcadia. Started in 2000 and since then it is in a constant development effort with quality products tis.Ta traditional pasta produced using exclusively local products Gortyniako of land without preservatives and additives. Our modern facilities provide excellent conditions napkin combining tradition with modern […]
At the entrance of the magnificent fir tree , next to the trees and the unique beauty of the forest , Christos Simopoulos restored and utilizing it in the best way the old cooperative workshop woodworking , creating a cozy nook in the artistic heart of Mainalo . Inspired by the grandeur of the mountain […]
Our business under the name “Dude” operates in Demetsana Arcadia. Homemade flavors of pure, fresh and local compositions with high nutritional value, without preservatives and colors. ‘As we grew up we were taught, so we offer them with love, care and respect for tradition.
In our modern workshop “The Arcadian taste” in Vlaherna Arcadia produce traditional pasta that is made with fresh local ingredients and authentic recipe of Grandma.      Noodles      Noodles fasting      Lazania      Trachanas tart      Trachanas sweet      Trachanas spicy (fasting)      Barley      Achivadaki      Screws      Celery Tricolore
Our company was established in 2005 in order to make the best out of our 8 hectares of organic farming vineyards in the Nemea region. In 2006, with Community initiative “LEADER+” funding, our production-bottling unit was completed in Koutsi. From the beginning, we decided to use the well known red wine grapes variety “agiorgitiko” as first material for alternative […]
In triangle Vitina – Stemnitsa – Karytaina – in the Psari village of the municipality Trikolones developed the idea of ​​creating a model center of flavors and homemade mageirikis.Se an appropriately designed area of 10 acres in the most beautiful part of the village , overlooking Karytena visitors can see ” Arcadian . ” There […]
Vassilis Mike Delistathis born in Kiato Corinth in 1963 .The past 24 years dealing with sculpture and dominant element of his work is the metal . His works are in private collections in Greece and abroad ( Switzerland , Belgium , Holland and America) . Been involved in several art premises and sculptures have been […]
Sculptural and Jewellery – Sophia Lambrou