Stymfalia SA Cheese & Dairy Products

Lab Details
Location: Kaliani 200 16, Corinthia
Telephone: 30 27470 22420, 30 27470 22232
Fax: 30 27470 22061

Quality Control
At each milk delivery, samples are taken from each producer. All these samples are taken to Stymfalia’s central quality control laboratory.

A modern Cheese factory
Stymfalias’ new facilities, opened in 1995, offering state-of-the-art sanitary conditions, are amongst the most modern cheese factories in Greece. There, tradition and technology are in perfect harmony.

Organic Products
All products produced by Stymfalia SA can be classified as organic, as they produced from the milk of free-ranging animals with guaranteed absence of insecticides, herbicides and other pollutants.


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