The hostel comprises seven independent living quarters with different aesthetic and named in different colors . The rotation style of apartments cater for every taste , while the pool bar and the courtyard is ideal for relaxation and tranquility . The guesthouse combines traditional simplicity of stone and wood with aperriti luxury. Scents and colors […]
The Vytina Mountain View is a boutique hotel with stunning views Vitinas and all the region. Located on the road that connects Vytina Mainalo ski resort , one of the most beautiful mountain locations , offers everything you need to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Arcadia . The rooms are fully equipped with […]
In the heart of Arcadia , background greatness of firs Mainalo Levidi is perched on a small hill and stretches to the plain of Orchomenus and slopes Mainalo . A place of great history , sights and unique attractions , DE emerges from a mountain the most remarkable destinations in the Peloponnese . Around him […]
Moments of pleasure! Natural materials, wood and stone, warm lush color tones, classic elegance, rare views, abundant services, an atmosphere of subtle luxury and relaxation, all satisfy the needs and bring new standards to the enjoyment of a getaway, because the hotel is constantly aiming at fulfilling all the requirements of its guests concerning calmness, […]
The Pleiades Earth Mountain Resort & Spa, comprising 20 individual suites, ideal for moments of privacy for families who love the countryside and groups looking for a different proposal for a winter holiday. Wood, stone, the smell of wood from the fireplace, and breathtaking views of the mountain range of Zireia are just some of […]
Επιπλωμένες τουριστικές κατοικίες
Embracing Mainalo a beautiful and quiet place near Vitina are the newly built stone traditional accommodation “Hospitality”. This 4 independent studios 50sqm each in 2 xepsoristes stone houses.  
A cozy traditional hostel is ready to welcome you and your company in one of the most beautiful areas of Gortynia Dimitra village located near Ladon , between the villages of Menalon and Chelmos . The Village Dimitra owes its name to the ancient sanctuary of Eleusis or unwashed Demeter , the ruins of which […]
The deluxe hotel “Elliniko” built after the family donated to the Association Fourli everywhere on Greek Gortynias. It offers 9 luxurious rooms and 1 suite. It is a friendly getaway in the heart of Arcadia. Majestic mountains and historical sites surround . You can enjoy the spectacular views of Lykaios terms Gorge Lussius and villages […]
Weekend in Evrostini I had never heard her name. In Mountainous Corinthia I had set for first time my foot. Friends told me about the Mansion Karavas, a small guesthouse in the arms and the wilderness of the mountain, he mentioned that you can rent it with your friends –it can accommodate comfortably six people- […]
The hotel Papanikola is located in the picturesque Piana village on the slopes of Mount Menalon and it has altitude 1150m. Its distance from Athens is 160km and 19km from Tripoli. It is far away from mass tourism whereas it is situated in a greenery landscape with magnificent view, ideal for the lovers of nature, […]
The beautiful traditional Dimitsana , right next to the outdoor water power museum , in a blessed place 50 acres overlooking the unique gorge of Lucius , created KOUSTENIS VILLAGE, a stone hotel 3 star complex , which introduces a new mountain getaway experience & entertainment for all seasons . Perched at an altitude of […]
Our hotel is located in the beautiful Heraea known since antiquity for its famous spas . The place indeed is such that allows visitors to have a panoramic view of the village of Iraias and baths , whose building is just 50 meters from the Hotel Heraea !Is a new , modern hotel situated in […]
HotelAt the top of the hill , is our hostel Artemis. With unique views Mainalo and plain , and the mountains of Artemision of Zireia and Chelmos ideal retreat and base for getting to know the Arcadia and its beauties. The hostel consists of two buildings . An old mansion of the last century and […]
When the legend becomes natural beauty, history and heritage, hospitality is an experience of communion in a timeless utopia.
A family haven with traditional character . Drive is 1 hour and 15 minutes from Athens less than half an hour from the oldest city in Europe, Argos, and 30 minutes from the most beautiful city in Greece and the magnificent cosmopolitan Nafplio. The views offered, made ​​the most quiet and enchanting corner of the […]
In one of the most beautiful villages of Arcadia , adjacent to the cosmopolitan Vitina , well hidden in the lush magnificent nature Nymphasia , traditional guesthouses AGROPOLI Built on a unique place of rare natural beauty , next to the river crossing Mylaontas Vitina and silky whisper song on his way to the plains […]
The Hostel ” Elisson ” is a family business agrotourism young people who live permanently in the mountain village Kryoneri . It is a dream of many years became a reality in 2006 with the support of the European Agro Initiative LEADER + and Development Society of North Peloponnese ( AN.VO.PE. ) . Created with […]
In one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of cosmopolitan Vytinas , built with great care and respect for the beautiful Arcadian landscape , which wants the harmonious coexistence of stone and wood , created hostel Well Being . Grounded on a solid foundation of hospitality and rooted in his arms bedside Mainalo , […]
As visitors to be sure you will not get bored! You can engage in various activities . Other instruments in the hostel (courses jewelry , tableware , music) in other organized by our hostel activities (visit monasteries tours, raftinkg in Lousios ski Mainalo ) and other bars and taverns Dimitsanas and surrounding villages.Specifically: Start each […]
It consists of double, triple, quadruple and suites , all beautifully decorated for relaxation and tranquility . Upon request , the hotel is available “prive” no extra charge.Facilities : TV , fireplace , central heating , free internet, hair dryer , mini bar, hot tub , showers closed .The position is located in the area […]
In magnificent Arcadia foothills Mainalo , firs and serenity of the forest , at the entrance of Levidiou , a luxurious complex Mainalia stone villas & suites, one unit of high tourism standards , ideal destination for any traveler.Within a green ektasi15 acres , built houses with stone and wood , in perfect harmony with […]
Welcome to “Kastania” , which lies between the provincial road Stymfalias – Feneos. Among the green spruce tops and valleys at an altitude of 950 meters and is situated in mountainous our property. It was a great honor and pleasure to bring you to our area, so you have the opportunity to enjoy the rustic […]
OSTRA Menalon Luxury Suites.
At the foot of mountain Menalon and just 7 kilometers far from the Skiing Center Ostrakina, in the traditional community of Ano Kardara, we created the traditional block OSTRA Menalon Luxury Suites. It has been constructed with respect to the local architecture traits of the traditional community and it consists of seven luxurious self-serviced dwellings. […]