Agropoli Traditional Guesthouses

Accommodation Details
Location: Nimfasia, Arcadia
Mobile: 30 69738 59569, 30 6944248488
In one of the most beautiful villages of Arcadia , adjacent to the cosmopolitan Vitina , well hidden in the lush magnificent nature Nymphasia , traditional guesthouses AGROPOLI Built on a unique place of rare natural beauty , next to the river crossing Mylaontas Vitina and silky whisper song on his way to the plains of western Arcadia. Dominant elements stone and wood and a view that is breathtaking , the hostel provides a unique alternative for your accommodation in Vitina , offering priceless photos natural beauty and harmony in a true escape from the everyday .The 6 guestrooms , built amphitheater on a hill , offering breathtaking views of the valley flows the river Mylaontas , whispering the eternal song of Arcadia .Around them the unsurpassed natural beauty of the mountainous landscape captivates and excites the senses , creating a dreamy backdrop of relaxation and wellness that the hostel guests enjoyed ideal conditions for hosting .The apartments of hostels , spacious and very hot consist of a large living room with fireplace and two large bedrooms (one double bed and one with two single beds pushed together ) and two bathrooms (one on each ypnodomnatio ) . External feature large balconies with tables and chairs that offer magnificent views of the valley Mylaontas . All apartments are well equipped and they also have a kitchen with all necessary utensils .Around the houses , a rare place of unique natural beauty embraces the large estate , with the canyon Mylaontas dominates the skyline and the small valley formed right in front of their houses and spread to the famous monastery of Nymphasia standing behind the imposing property . Day and night the river silky song accompanies life in a small valley that is full of small birds and animals kelidoun and play around.

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