Proselinos Guesthouse

Accommodation Details
Location: Arcadia
Telephone: 30 27950 31675
Mobile: 30 697 3351128
Geographical position: Dimitsana Arcadia 22007, Greece
37° 35′ 48.6888″ N, 22° 2′ 15.6984″ E
As visitors to be sure you will not get bored!
You can engage in various activities . Other instruments in the hostel (courses jewelry , tableware , music) in other organized by our hostel activities (visit monasteries tours, raftinkg in Lousios ski Mainalo ) and other bars and taverns Dimitsanas and surrounding villages.Specifically:
Start each day with a delicious, traditional breakfast in the lounge.
Go ( or get you around ) the Museum of Water Power (in the top three in Europe ) and the nearby monastery of Panagia Aimialon. Then return to Dimitsana and stroll to town . See the homes of Gregory V, Old Patron Germanos of Antonopoulaion Library and Museum and the city .
If you do more extreme ski on Mainalo , rafting in Lousios or simply stroll through the European paths .
If you ‘re the “inside” or if the weather does not allow exit watch lessons and miniature jewelry inside the hostel of their owners ( let us know about it earlier ) . First chance visit the taverns of the city for food .
In the evening you can visit the bars in the city .
For something different stay in the guest lounge and enjoy a drink , listening to music by the fireplace .
Play cards , backgammon , scrable or other table .
If you’re too ” technology ” ask one of our laptop and surf the internet or see on DVD home cinema.
If you are lucky you may ” fall ” and a musical event in the living room or if you have someone in your company who uses music to make sure that you ” used ” properly .
Finally if you want to stand in complete luxury , enjoy the fireplace and unwind in the hot tub in your room !
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