Parxa Mansion

Accommodation Details
Location: Levidi, Arcadia
Telephone: 30 27960-22010
Mobile: 30 6976 845220
Fax: 30 27960 22300

In the heart of Arcadia , background greatness of firs Mainalo Levidi is perched on a small hill and stretches to the plain of Orchomenus and slopes Mainalo . A place of great history , sights and unique attractions , DE emerges from a mountain the most remarkable destinations in the Peloponnese . Around him a short distance , all the major attractions of Arcadia as the ski resort Mainalo caves Kapsia , artificial lake Ladon , the ancient Mantinea and the church of Agia Fotini, the archaeological site of Tegea , the museum Hydromovement Dimitsana , Lucius river with many mountain and water activities and of course the fir Mainalo available for separate activities , walks and explorations that will delight any traveler or visitor of the region .

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