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In the heart of Arcadia , background greatness of firs Mainalo Levidi is perched on a small hill and stretches to the plain of Orchomenus and slopes Mainalo . A place of great history , sights and unique attractions , DE emerges from a mountain the most remarkable destinations in the Peloponnese . Around him […]
HotelAt the top of the hill , is our hostel Artemis. With unique views Mainalo and plain , and the mountains of Artemision of Zireia and Chelmos ideal retreat and base for getting to know the Arcadia and its beauties. The hostel consists of two buildings . An old mansion of the last century and […]
When the legend becomes natural beauty, history and heritage, hospitality is an experience of communion in a timeless utopia.
In magnificent Arcadia foothills Mainalo , firs and serenity of the forest , at the entrance of Levidiou , a luxurious complex Mainalia stone villas & suites, one unit of high tourism standards , ideal destination for any traveler.Within a green ektasi15 acres , built houses with stone and wood , in perfect harmony with […]
OSTRA Menalon Luxury Suites.
At the foot of mountain Menalon and just 7 kilometers far from the Skiing Center Ostrakina, in the traditional community of Ano Kardara, we created the traditional block OSTRA Menalon Luxury Suites. It has been constructed with respect to the local architecture traits of the traditional community and it consists of seven luxurious self-serviced dwellings. […]