Arkadiani Traditional Products

Lab Details
Location: Arcadia
Geographical position: Psari 22022, Greece
37° 29′ 55.7916″ N, 22° 7′ 11.172″ E
In triangle Vitina – Stemnitsa – Karytaina – in the Psari village of the municipality Trikolones developed the idea of ​​creating a model center of flavors and homemade mageirikis.Se an appropriately designed area of 10 acres in the most beautiful part of the village , overlooking Karytena visitors can see ” Arcadian . ” There we hope to highlight the Arcadian flavors and local gastronomy, Arcadian products and forgotten flavors of our grandmothers , to create the appropriate conditions to the visitor , for knowledge, taste and apolafsi.I philosophy ” Arcadiane ” is to harmonize the natural environment by humans. With respect to the wisdom of nature and the light of the four seasons suggest seasonal cooking . Culinary simple , long-standing proven by our grandmothers , combines real taste of fresh raw materials with the art of mageirikis.Fylagontas tradition without being made ​​straitjacket relive the tastes , manners and customs of our country , presenting the guest our visitor a complete center recording and practical enhancement of traditional Arcadian flavors .
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