Wood creations

Lab Details
Location: Elati, Arcadia
Telephone: 27950-29017
Mobile: 6977 022 173
At the entrance of the magnificent fir tree , next to the trees and the unique beauty of the forest , Christos Simopoulos restored and utilizing it in the best way the old cooperative workshop woodworking , creating a cozy nook in the artistic heart of Mainalo . Inspired by the grandeur of the mountain landscape and the magic and the beautiful fir, Chris creates unique objects and furniture of great value and quality wood , which he collects throughout the year through the dense forests of Mainalo and transported with the help Donkey of the patient . All works, carved separately and with great care , incorporating much of the beauty and sobriety of soul of the artist and are an ideal example of traditional art Arcadian wood .Candlesticks , lamps , tables , chairs , mirrors , towel racks , beds , decorative benches , signs are few projects Christos resulting in people who can distinguish the artistic sensitivity and integrity of his work . Station and then benchmark for Fir laboratory and place the Christou synefrefsis friends , passersby , travelers and residents of Fir and a chance for a little raki beside the woodstove with a few nuts , figs and chestnuts are always small table in the laboratory .
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