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The imposing stone entrance gate of the monastery lies at the foothill of mount Vesiza, at an elevation of 1050 meters, four kilometers from Kryoneri village in the municipality of Sikyona. The monastery is laid out around a huge plane tree that dominates the courtyard; the church, the cells of the nuns, the guesthouse, the […]
Αναβίωση των Νεμέων Αγώνων
Revival of the Nemean Games our belief is that the modern Olympic Games, despite the obvious, in many ways, their success increasingly removed from the average person. Our concern is the possibility of universal participation of people in races that will take place in the holy land of ancient Greece and will revive the spirit of […]
Quality Control At each milk delivery, samples are taken from each producer. All these samples are taken to Stymfalia’s central quality control laboratory. A modern Cheese factory Stymfalias’ new facilities, opened in 1995, offering state-of-the-art sanitary conditions, are amongst the most modern cheese factories in Greece. There, tradition and technology are in perfect harmony. Organic […]
The hostel comprises seven independent living quarters with different aesthetic and named in different colors . The rotation style of apartments cater for every taste , while the pool bar and the courtyard is ideal for relaxation and tranquility . The guesthouse combines traditional simplicity of stone and wood with aperriti luxury. Scents and colors […]
The Pleiades Earth Mountain Resort & Spa, comprising 20 individual suites, ideal for moments of privacy for families who love the countryside and groups looking for a different proposal for a winter holiday. Wood, stone, the smell of wood from the fireplace, and breathtaking views of the mountain range of Zireia are just some of […]
In the heart of Kastania, is the tavern “Steki” ready to serve you quality cuisine and the best mood for wine. With magnificent views of Olygirto and firs ravines of Chestnut enjoy the flavors that come with great taste to your dish . Try rooster , burgers , ribs area , homemade spinach salads (cabbage […]
Weekend in Evrostini I had never heard her name. In Mountainous Corinthia I had set for first time my foot. Friends told me about the Mansion Karavas, a small guesthouse in the arms and the wilderness of the mountain, he mentioned that you can rent it with your friends –it can accommodate comfortably six people- […]
Back then, in 1963, the Lafkiotis family, started making wine using some of the best Greek varieties found in Ancient Cleonai of Corinthia. Today, supported by the experience of 40 years, the family selects the most proper vineyards, makes wine in modern facilities and ages the wines in French, oak barrels in environment-controlled cellars. Germans, […]
Our company was established in 2005 in order to make the best out of our 8 hectares of organic farming vineyards in the Nemea region. In 2006, with Community initiative “LEADER+” funding, our production-bottling unit was completed in Koutsi. From the beginning, we decided to use the well known red wine grapes variety “agiorgitiko” as first material for alternative […]
The Hostel ” Elisson ” is a family business agrotourism young people who live permanently in the mountain village Kryoneri . It is a dream of many years became a reality in 2006 with the support of the European Agro Initiative LEADER + and Development Society of North Peloponnese ( AN.VO.PE. ) . Created with […]
It consists of double, triple, quadruple and suites , all beautifully decorated for relaxation and tranquility . Upon request , the hotel is available “prive” no extra charge.Facilities : TV , fireplace , central heating , free internet, hair dryer , mini bar, hot tub , showers closed .The position is located in the area […]
The Tavern – Cafe “DIPORTO” is lacated in the biggest mountain village of Corinth, Krioneri. The 1,000 residents live here permanently, winter – summer and deal almost exclusively with agriculture. Grapes (raisins and table sultanina) and olive oil are the main products of the village, cultivated for centuries and keep the population stable in corner.
The Velina is situated at the foot iis Zireia that is the heart of the Corinthian . The Zireia is the second highest mountain in the Peloponnese with peaks reaching up to 2,376 meters altitude and has rich flora and fauna and the history of thousands eton.Apo Velina you can visit the small church of […]
The winery is located in the community of Ancient Nemea since he started the family adventure with Peppa wine.To 1958 Peppa family history in winemaking started when Andrew Peppas together with his wife Catherine make a small traditional stone with Bream and some barrels for storing wine . The seasons are very difficult but with […]
The Bungee Jumping: The Bungee has its roots in an ancient ritual of the inhabitants of the island of Pentecost. Nowadays it has now grown into one of the most popular extreme activities in the world and have made ​​strides million worldwide. The experience is unique and difficult to describe in words. As you fall […]
Going up the Vasilikos (Sikyona) plateau, the Byzantine church of Agia Triada, built in the 12th century, welcomes the visitor to the village. Continuing the journey west bound, leads to the archaeological site. Amongst the Hellenistic and Roman architectural, the low mud brick building of the museum is noticeable. The museum was founded in 1930 […]
Over Lake Stymphalia, on the slope of a lush green hill, is the country’s first Environmental Museum. It was there, according to the mythology, that Hercules accomplished his 6th feat by killing the Stymphalian Birds. The myth says, that these birds were so many, that when they flew they hid the sun. So, Hercules killed […]
The ancient town of Stymphalia was probably founded in the archaic period and it was named after its first inhabitant, Stymphalos. The region belonged to the Arcadians. The town was built on the north shore of Stymphalia lake. A large part of the archaeological site lies under water. Excavations have brought to light a theater […]
  Ancient Sicyon is located on the mound of Vasiliko, a village 4 kilometers to the southeast of Kiato, head of the municipality of Sikyona. In antiquity it was bordered with Corinth to the east, with the Achaean Pellini to the west, and the Arcadian Fliounta and Stymfalos to the south. It was built on […]
On the northwestern side of Killini Mountain, in the plateau between its two mountain tops, is Ziria Athletic Centre. The center is located exactly where Little Ziria (2.080 m) and Great Ziria (2.374 m) are separated by the ravine Flabouritsa , only 10 km from Ano (Upper) Trikala. It is a place for fun and […]
Fonissa is a stream that forms a deep gorge from Vrysoules village to Loutro, in the municipality of Xylokatsro-Evrostini. In antiquity the stream was the natural borders of ancient Pellene, called Krios (ram). The name “fonissa” (female murderer) highlights how dangerous it is to be in its way when it is full of water. The […]