Tavern Velina

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Restaurant Details
Location: Corinthia
Telephone: 30 2742071132
Mobile: 30 6973985966
Geographical position: Velina 20200, Greece
37° 58′ 47.7876″ N, 22° 33′ 37.1448″ E
The Velina is situated at the foot iis Zireia that is the heart of the Corinthian .
The Zireia is the second highest mountain in the Peloponnese with peaks reaching up to 2,376 meters altitude and has rich flora and fauna and the history of thousands eton.Apo Velina you can visit the small church of Agia Triada with the namesake festival , Trikala Corinth
the mythical lake Stymfalia , plain Feneou , Lake Doxa, plateau Zireia , the internationally renowned Nemea and many other attractions .Our traditional tavern located in the main square of the picturesque village of Velina features panoramic views starting from the beginning of the forest tpn
and reaches the tops of the mountain of Zireia .These views can be enjoyed from the large yard during the summer months and from within
with large glass doors during the winter . The restaurant began its operation in 2004 with the aim to provide food and any services in an environment in harmony with the picturesque village of Velina .This follows the philosophy and unique interior décor . Stone and wood are combined in a space filled curves that result in beautiful corners that ” hide ” small objects of peasant culture .In the center of the tavern is the fireplace that warms the atmosphere during the winter months .
We invite you to enjoy your meal or coffee in tons of soft music and love our country .

In the kitchen you will find only pure ingredients and meat factor and breeding in the mountain villages.
You will taste , including our traditional food production , homemade pies , salads oporokipeftika of our region and of course wine from our own vineyards , made exclusively for our traditional tavern .
Andiamfisvititi proof quality of the tavern is our diakrisi with HACCP estiatotio – anapsyktirio from EFET

The space available for festive gatherings .

Just 20 km from the seaside Kiato and 125 km from Athens and Patras is the traditional Velina .
At the intersection of Kiato follow the road for Stymfalia and shortly after Souli will find right turn for Velina .
From there Velina is less than 5 km

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