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Location: Arcadia

Mountain biking a great way to discover a new place is actually on two wheels. Arcadia, with its stunning nature, does offer visitors this unique opportunity. The changes in the landscape, the lush vegetation, the dense forests and the hidden traditional settlements are only few of the natural attractions a visitor can enjoy with just a bike and the desire for exploration. Around the city of Tripolis, as well as in the Arcadian villages, there are many beautiful trails, which are ideal for relaxing bike rides. However, for the adventurous types, we recommend some more difficult routes, which can also be guided:*

Rizes in Tegea – Prophet Elias
The route begins from the main square of Rizes, in the region of Tegea, and terminates in the chapel of Prophet Elias, which dominates the homonymous hill, about 10 kilometers away. The trip takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes and it’s quite challenging. However the stunning scenery will certainly bedazzle you, since the entire trail goes through the pine forest.

Tripolis – Kastri – Agios Petros – Coastal Astros
A demanding 4 hour and 78 kilometres long trail that passes through the most beautiful villages of Kynouria.

Mount Mainalo Α1 DH Trail
A demanding and adventurous trail that starts from the lodge of the Greek Mountaineering Club in Mainalo and terminates in the northeastern part of the mountain. It lasts for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, with few intermediate necessary stops. Within the first 500 meters of the trail you will probably need to carry your bicycle, since the soil might occasionally be unstable. The next part, which is about 3,5 kilometers long, is also difficult, while the trail becomes easier in its last section, since it’s straight and you will be able to accelerate.

Mount Mainalo Α2 DH Trail
This is yet another trail for advanced bikers, about 8.6 kilometres long, with a duration of approximately one hour. It starts from the back side of the ski slopes of Mainalo and terminates in Levidi, passing through the Kapeli Plateau. The trail is fully marked and includes ramps, mounds and jumps.

Mount Mainalo Α4 DH Trail
A short trail, about 4 kilometers long, which starts from the Rouchoi Plateau and heads towards Vytina. It lasts for about 30 minutes and passes through the fir forest. It’s quite demanding, however, and it’s not recommended for beginners!

Mount Mainalo A2 Rouchoi Tour
A trail of medium difficulty, about 16.5 kilometers long, with a duration of approximately 2 hours. The starting point is the trail A2, then goes through the Kapeli Plateau, descends towards Vytina and heads towards the Rouchoi Plateau, where you will arrive after a hard ascent. From there you will follow a downhill trail, which will lead you to the lodge of Mainalo.
Information taken from Arcadia M.T.B. Club

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