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The beautiful traditional Dimitsana , right next to the outdoor water power museum , in a blessed place 50 acres overlooking the unique gorge of Lucius , created KOUSTENIS VILLAGE, a stone hotel 3 star complex , which introduces a new mountain getaway experience & entertainment for all seasons . Perched at an altitude of […]
Our business under the name “Dude” operates in Demetsana Arcadia. Homemade flavors of pure, fresh and local compositions with high nutritional value, without preservatives and colors. ‘As we grew up we were taught, so we offer them with love, care and respect for tradition.
As visitors to be sure you will not get bored! You can engage in various activities . Other instruments in the hostel (courses jewelry , tableware , music) in other organized by our hostel activities (visit monasteries tours, raftinkg in Lousios ski Mainalo ) and other bars and taverns Dimitsanas and surrounding villages.Specifically: Start each […]