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Location: Arcadia
Telephone: 30 2710 222290
Mobile: 30 6944 360 280
Geographical position: Kapsia 22 100, Greece
37° 39′ 0.8136″ N, 22° 26′ 15.054″ E
In the beautiful village Kapsia Arcadia , next to the majestic fir Mainalo , the old mansion Evangelos nun was restored by tradition and architectural materials and identification of the place . Evangelos the youngest nun , fully respecting the wish of his grandfather , opened the doors of the mansion to the public by creating a small winery , visited locations with production and accommodation and rooms appropriately designed for small events , meals , conferences and banquets . The exorikoi rooms, with spectacular views to the forest and the stone village , are ideal for receptions and social events .The long journey of Evangelos nun , began when his grandfather gave him a mansion in the village Kapsia Mantinea . This was the start of a great journey to God and spiritual equilibrium . Leaving Athens , immediately after his studies , he realized that the expression of the spiritual quest crossing , could only be achieved through the daily transaction with nature and its fruits. The special love for wine and vineyards set his next steps ..
He renovated the mansion and turned it into a devotional space dedicated to wine , the philosophy of the basic elements of life and the spiritual creation that creates or pure contact with the earth. On the road, a rare companion , Christina and two children , Sunday and Tatiana , filled with light and joy to the path to happiness and individually completed a rare sense of completeness and destination. Soon they were born and the spiritual children of this course , the first 4 wines , genuine messengers of love and contact with the earth and its people. The journey does not end here , it continues as long as there are open paths to the soul, love for the environment and nature , and of course dedication and respect to the production of quality products .In the magical plateau of Mantinea , lie the vineyards of Traditional Winery nun . There with respect and love for wine and the products of the family nun grows organically , personal work and passion , 30 acres of land , producing fine wine in 4 different labels . The MANTINIA , light white wine OPAP fruit flavored variety from moschofilero the GOOD AGROS , red wine with blackcurrant aroma , Sunday , red wine , medium dry , and MANTINIA BARREL , light white wine with aromas of barrel . Alongside the winery produces excellent , pure vinegar and molasses , without additives and other preservatives . All products are produced and packaged with original traditional techniques , with full respect to nature and its fruits and of course the soul of people filing Winery .
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