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When the legend becomes natural beauty, history and heritage, hospitality is an experience of communion in a timeless utopia.
The Stemnitsa Folklore Museum was founded in 1985 with the aim to promote in Greece and abroad both the folklore tradition of Greece, in general, and of Stemnitsa, in particular.The Museum’s collections evolve on two buildings. The first one, a three-storey 18th century mansion, was initially intended to be a residence and was later given […]
In the village of Levidi, in Arcadia, the birthplace of Alexandros Papanastasiou, a museum was created, with the purpose of revealing to the public moments from the life and the fascinating course of this great Greek politician. The museum was founded in 1976 and it is housed in the Town Hall. Here the visitor will […]
Going up the Vasilikos (Sikyona) plateau, the Byzantine church of Agia Triada, built in the 12th century, welcomes the visitor to the village. Continuing the journey west bound, leads to the archaeological site. Amongst the Hellenistic and Roman architectural, the low mud brick building of the museum is noticeable. The museum was founded in 1930 […]
Over Lake Stymphalia, on the slope of a lush green hill, is the country’s first Environmental Museum. It was there, according to the mythology, that Hercules accomplished his 6th feat by killing the Stymphalian Birds. The myth says, that these birds were so many, that when they flew they hid the sun. So, Hercules killed […]