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Location: Corinthia
Telephone: 30 2742051468
Mobile: 30 6944617308
Geographical position: Krioneri 20200, greece
37° 58′ 16.9536″ N, 22° 38′ 4.4988″ E
In the pretty village of Corinth Prefecture Krioneri chose family Municipality to create one of the first snail farms that operated in Greece .
Historically farmers and having a great love for the land and its products, except as snails produce grape sultanas, currants , virgin olive oil and high quality fir honey , we set up with great care is the truth, ” farm ” and we invite you everyone to taste this wonderful dish with great flavor , high nutritional value , its aphrodisiac properties and the countless ways of cooking .In a farm then owned 10 acres at an altitude of 800 meters and overlooking the Corinthian Gulf east and west of Mount Kyllini ( Zireia call the locals ) , on the road leading to the Observatory Kryoneriou will find our farm and will be able to take a look inside , and also buy snails .The snail is a job with many interests and many secrets . Imagine a ” Mpilakia ” , ie the egg to be transformed into a perfect snail oversized with perfect features and natural taste even better .
The genus which breed called scientific Helix Aspersa Maxima and it is served in expensive restaurants of France , Spain , Italy and beyond.
Do not scare you that the snails are offered at expensive restaurants of Europe , as well as you discover the selling price of the snail are more than affordable , because we want people to know and to add to the diet of this food , discovering previously unknown now tasty treats!We are waiting on our farm to meet you and get to know us and see finally what a snail !
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