Presentation of Local Quality Pact of Northern Peloponnese “Orina”

 Presentation of Local Quality Pact
Local Quality Pact: Orina

The Local Quality Pact Northern Peloponnese “Mountain” is a collective effort entities and businesses in the region set up to facilitate cooperation between enterprises (partners of the Local Pact), in assurance issues, improvement and enhancement of the quality of the products and services and promote them to a wider market. In particular, the operation of the Local Compact is designed both to assist in:
◾ identify and promote local products
◾ to upgrade the quality of products and services
◾ the promotion of the region and
◾ the overall improvement of the tourism product of the region.

At the local pact involving companies operating in the wider tourism sector and small and medium enterprises engaged in traditional crafts and manufacturing activities such as:
◾ Restaurants and taverns
◾ guesthouses, accommodation and hotels
◾ Wineries beekeeping workshops and associations of organic producers
◾ Enterprise standardization and marketing of consumer products
◾ Enterprise service alternative tourism and
◾ Enterprise craft activities.

The purpose of the Local Quality Pact is through cooperation and mutual commitment of the participating companies, to form a whole “identity” quality, which would become synonymous and qualify products produced and services offered by businesses region. Creating a quality defender in the “heart” of the “Island of Pelops” Local Pact aims to become a reference point for visitors on the one hand and guide for businesses in the wider region of the other, contributing in this way to the overall improvement of tourism product of the Peloponnese.

Presentation of Peloponnese
At the local pact involving companies from the areas of the prefectures of Arcadia , Corinthia and Argolis located on the central massif of the Peloponnese . Specifically , the intervention area of ​​the Territorial Pact extends from the municipalities of Megalopolis and Valtetsiou south as municipalities and Evrostinis Xylokastrou in North and municipalities Koutsopodi Nemea and the East as municipalities Trophy Kontovazena and west, including :
◾ From Arcadia province except Falaisia ​​Megalopolis , Mantinea outside the province and municipality Tegeas entire province Gortynias
◾ from Corinth areas Nemea , Velo , Stymfalias mountain on the Kyllene and lots Municipalities Evrostinis , Xylokastrou and Sikyonion , and
◾ From Argolis areas Achladokampos , Lyrkia , Koutsopodi and Alea on the Road Corinth – Tripoli The total geographical area of ​​the site is 4.397,9 km2 and a population of 78,851 inhabitants .Access to the area is ensured by two main roads in the Peloponnese ( National Road Patras – Corinth , part of the Motorway and Road Corinth – Kalamata ) , that approach , the former was along the northeastern limits of , and the second along the southeastern limits. It’s an area with a wide variety of geophysical features ( mountains , forests , lakes , rivers , canyons , caves , plateaus and small plains , etc. ) , special mythological and folklore, timeless historicity ( of the ultimate prehistoric times to the present ) and excellent products (mainly agricultural veterinarian as : wine , milk , oil , etc. ) . The climatic – geophysical environment of the area has always inspired a sense of ‘ excellent measure ‘ and offered historically, both for permanent installation ‘ funny ‘ , and as a refuge for nomads . Residential tissues developed over time were georeferenced , either in fairly fertile soils which contributed to cultural evolution , either quite barren lands which respectively contributed to the technological and commercial developments of the region . Thus the character of the area and is gradually reflected everywhere visible signs of longitudinal socioeconomic and cultural development , but also important monuments of human creativity and intellectual tradition. Characteristic however is the rich mythology of the region and its connection with the ancient Olympic games . The founder of the Olympic Games Hercules held three feats to her while direct is the connection with other alleged founder of the Olympic Games, the hero Pelops , as the route that competed as charioteers with Oenomaos (from temple of Zeus at Olympia until the Temple of Poseidon at Isthmia ) crosses the entire region . Moreover, at least 70 Olympians , ie 10% of known and recorded a total Olympians of antiquity from the North Peloponnesus . The unique natural beauty , rich traditions and unique cultural elements of the region , combined with the excellent quality local produce and the unquestioned hospitality of its inhabitants, have made it a very ” attractive ” tourist destination , gegonos confirmed by constantly increasing number of visitors both from Greece and abroad .
Cherished tourist destinations for visitors to the area are :
◾ The archaeological sites of Nemea , of Mantinea and Tegea
◾ The lakes Stymfalia and Feneou
◾ Gorge Lucius and the cave of boll
◾ The ski Mainalo
◾ Historians of gunpowder Dimitsanas
◾ The ” Secret School ” of single Philosopher and of course very few leave the area without taste unique wines , and Aghiorghitiko moschofilero , with such a passion produced in the vineyards of Nemea and Mantinea, the unique quality handmade pasta and the delicious natural local honey producers.
The establishment and operation of the Local Quality Pact Northern Peloponnese answered the need for identity formation in the tourism product of the region and highlighting this to a wider audience , the need for networking of similar and complementary businesses , to ensure and enhance quality locally -derived products and services, and to facilitate the promotion of these in the local and wider market and finally to attract and facilitate visitors from Greece and the international arena .
Specifically, the objectives of the Local Quality Pact are as follows :
◾ The joint creation of an integrated program of promotional, advertising , assistance and support in the region and the opportunities it offers to visitors on the occasion of the local product .
◾ The co-ordination and ensuring the cooperation of businesses in the region to achieve and maintain a high quality level .
◾ Sharing and enhancing awareness of firms participating in the Local Pact .
◾ The coordination of actions for the identification and promotion of local products and to promote them to a wider market .
◾ Creating infrastructure for the ongoing support of companies participating in the Covenant , aiming to facilitate their operation and to improve the conditions of access to the market .
◾ The implementation of actions which will procedures facilitate knowledge transfer to businesses in the area . ◾ The business networking with area businesses and associations / business networks by Greece and abroad .
◾ The preservation of health and safety conditions .
◾ The implementation of specific quality standards and specifications, such as HACCP and ISO, businesses .
◾ The protection of the undertakings of speculation and unfair competition.
◾ The protection of consumers and informing visitors of the area .
◾ The initiatives for the preservation and enhancement of local cultural and architectural heritage .
◾ The preservation and promotion of traditional , aesthetic and consumption patterns in the region .
◾ The environmental protection and enhancement, promotion and protection of areas of natural beauty.
◾ The collaboration with similar initiatives implemented in other Greek and European regions .Achieving these objectives is expected to contribute significantly to the creation of a series of results , which are considered crucial for members of the Territorial Pact ‘Quality Beats’ , highlighting its essential role in sustainable development.
Among the outcomes that will result from the operation of local agreements identified :
◾ Creating conditions for sustainable employment in companies involved in local agreements .
◾ Improving the competitiveness of firms participating in the Local Pact .
◾ The emergence of the competitive advantages of enterprise networking at the local level , by acting in this manner positively to attract other companies to participate in this .
◾ The improvement of conditions for the sale and promotion of local products .
◾ The conservation and protection of both the natural environment and the cultural heritage of the region.
Basic Principles
The creation of the Territorial Pact Quality Northern Peloponnese ‘ Mountain’ governed by the following principles :
◾ commitment of all stakeholders and businesses to work together to promote common goals and policies for local development .
◾ Emergence of joint activities aimed at development of the region .
◾ commitment of all members to comply with the terms and requirements of the Local Pact .
◾ Rational management of natural resources in a way that ensures sustainable development.
◾ Maintaining delivery and enhancement of cultural heritage .
Within the framework of and in order to achieve the objectives set , the Local Quality Pact Northern Peloponnese planning a series – particularly important – actions , such as:
◾ The use of all means of publicity to promote products and businesses (participation in fairs , create information material , etc. ) .
◾ participation in national and international business networks .
◾ The partnership with local organizations and businesses of local authorities (municipalities , LUMC , municipal enterprises, etc. ) .
◾ Participation in program contracts local and national bodies .
◾ The coordinated actions in order to understand the need for cooperation between similar or complementary businesses , as well as for ensuring and enhancing the quality of products produced in the region.
◾ The development of direct and effective mechanisms of information – information of merging firms.
◾ The pursuit of international cooperation in the implementation of educational and research programs .
◾ The pursuit of cooperation with experts in business networking and promotion of products and services , transfer of know-how .
◾ Implementing and promoting participation of local firms in co-funded development programs, research and technological development , and training programs and general upgrading of human resources.
◾ The design, preparation and participation in studies and surveys , which primarily devoted to local and regional development.
The Council
Body established in the newly elected Board of Local Quality Pact of Northern Peloponnese ” Mountain ” , at its first meeting , held on 15 July 2009 , at the offices of the AN.VO.PE. Levídhion in Arcadia.The new council was the election of the General Assembly held in Arcadia Fish on 6.7.2009 is as follows :Chairman: Panos Poulos ( Kryoneri )
Vice: Vassilis Papoulias ( Psari Arcadia )
Secretary: Katerina Lambrou ( Dimitsana Arcadia )
Member: Dimitris Kolokythas ( Pyrgos Corinthia)
Member: Leonidas Smeros ( Vitina Arcadia )
Substitutes: Petros Giannopoulos ( Kallianis Arcadia ) Vangelis Kampisioulis ( Staurodromi Arcadia )
Institutions – Programs
Developmental of Northern Peloponnese

Developmental of Northern Peloponnese (AN.VO.PE. SA OTA) is the body that implemented and supported by the European LEADER program in our magnificent area.

Leader +


The Leader + is one of four initiatives financed by EU structural funds and is designed to support rural actors consider the potential of their area from a longer term perspective.

Quality standards
Lab Standards Accommodation Standards Restaurant Standards
Participation in Local Quality Pact
Participation in Local Quality Pact
The company Local Quality Pact Northern Peloponnese ” Mountain ” is a non-profit private entity ( private entities ) and any businessman from the region of North Peloponnese , who is active in the production of local products and / or services tourism , rural tourism , catering , catalysis etc can become a member of acquiring all rights to vote and stand for election and participating equally in decisions. Any interested company can apply to the Local Pact application file , which describes , among other things, how to customize the quality standards set by the Local Pact . The request was considered by the Governing Council of the Territorial Pact nomimomita controlling both the firm and its compliance with the requirements of the Local Pact . In case of acceptance of the request, the company is asked to sign a contract , which fully accepts the principles and the conditions and specifications of the Territorial Pact .
More specifically , each new member is asked to sign a contract which will accept :
◾ The basic principles of the Territorial Pact .
◾ The conditions for awarding the label Territorial Pact .
◾ for regular and occasional checks on the application of the Territorial Pact .
◾ obligation to participate in the activities of the Local Pact ( General Assemblies , training etc ) .
◾ Reviewing the participation of the Local Pact if parakolefei its operation, hinder the operation of , damages the reputation or not systematically shows interest in furthering the objects . Defective or non- compliance of the company with the above conditions may result in penalties to reach up and deletion of the enterprise in the CIS and the consequent removal of specified quality label. Please note that membership is not assigned or transferred .
Services to Members
The Local Quality Pact Northern Peloponnese provides to its members the following services:
◾ Award special signal to those operators satisfy the conditions and requirements of the Local Quality Pact.
◾ Establishing quality standards for construction, equipment, raw materials and products, services-organization-administration, staff, health / safety and environmental protection. ◾ Implementing the assessment and monitoring compliance with the quality standards of the participating businesses.
◾ Update – awareness of the local population and all public bodies in terms of quality.
◾ Elaboration investigations relating to the promotion of local products and services and the satisfaction ratings of the services provided in the region.
◾ Project evaluation of the CIS and redefine the quality standards wherever appropriate. ◾ Powered partnerships related to the development and promotion of the area.
◾ Design and implement training.
◾ Planning and organizing joint activities of promotion of local businesses.
◾ Creating a common infrastructure to support the needs of the member companies of the CIS.
◾ Monitoring the legislative framework and inform members.
◾ Monitoring the economic environment and inform members.
Businesses – Members Member Request in Local Pact
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