Kato Vrisi Environmental Path

Activity Details
Location: Corinthia
Website: http://xenon.elisson.gr/area2.php
Telephone: 30 2742 051082
Mobile: 30 694685550
Geographical position: Krioneri 20200, Greece
37° 57′ 51.714″ N, 22° 38′ 20.5656″ E
A traditional system of fountains and cold water from sources known from antiquity Elissona river gave its present name to the Community Kryoneriou .The Upper Fountain Kryoneriou ( Upper Fountain ) is the traditional central fountain , which is located in the village center and cools many visitors , who come from the coastal zone of Corinth solely to supply water to the houses. The fountain had the chance to join in agrotourism program and to regenerate a whole, creating a stylish recreation and cultural creativity , with an open amphitheater , parking and a small park .The Lower Faucet Kryoneriou associated with Pano Faucet through the valley Elissona . He played such an important role in meeting the needs of residents for several centuries . But abandoned in the 60s because of the abandonment of houses of this district due to landslides .
The traditional path to Lower Faucet remodeled with a pilot program was implemented for 8 consecutive years ( 1999-2006 ) and is unique of its kind in Greece . It started as an effect of the ” European Voluntary Service ” implemented the years 1999-2004 with responsibility for Youth Support Organisation hosting based in Kryoneri , and with the support of the Prefecture of Corinthia and sponsors .
The volunteers revealed the path and cooperated with petromastores to reconstruct the paddock ( dry wall ) and paved pathway .
The Municipality has introduced Sikyonion then work in the European LEADER + program and proceeded to tiling and renovation of Lower Faucet (2004-2006 ) .
The purpose of this public intervention was the empowerment of agro investments in the region and many rewarding efforts of the past decade , for alternative development and promotion of the area . It aims to connect the attractions of the area between them ( Observatory , Lechovas Abbey , Mill , etc. ) and the exploration of areas through ecotourism ( hiking , biking , etc. ) .
This project is considered very important because it connects volunteering and social work with the new offering in the local development and the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage .
The Support of Youth ” hospitality ” in cooperation with the Forest Service Corinth took the forest path configuration in flood Elissonas is the natural extension of said path and connects the Lower Kryoneriou Faucet with Old Bridge and Watermill .The fountain of Kourperi , the old stone bridge and the old watermill are an architectural complex in the valley of Elissonas but in place of natural beauty. All the buildings are from the 18th and 19th century and linked to the village through the lush riverside pathway Elissona .H Fountain of Pironas is a beautiful and fully respecting the natural environment new stone fountain , built by the City Sikyonion 2000 . Located at the intersection of provincial road Kiatas Nemea ( Wine Road ) and the road leading to the monastery of Lechovas , about 500m outside Krioneri .
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