A paradise a breath away from Athens

Dreaming enjoy a winter weekend in the lap of nature? Then , the area Corinthian is definitely your destination! Just follow the national road Athens – Patras and after two hours of comfortable driving your dream will come true .

From here begins the journey
If your time is limited , choose your base for a centerpiece as Xilokastro , Stymphalia or Trikala. The staggering – almost alpine – nature Corinthian , embellished by two mountain lakes and several picturesque villages spread out – for the most part of – on the slopes of bedside Zireia ( Kyllini ) ∙ the second highest mountain in the Peloponnese , after Taygetos . The parties must visit are:

Covered Mountains’ Zireia , the village with the tinkling sources , is belted by myths and legends as the thick reeds of the homonymous lake Hercules held the 5th of feat , killing the Stymphalian hens, man-eating birds with bronze wings who infested the place . It is 61 km W of Corinth .

Worth Seeing
The lake Stymfalia , this wonderful wetland, home to more than 143 bird species , some of them rare. Enjoy a romantic walk on the dreamy lakeside area and watch the bird observatories of the low-flying feathered inhabitants. If you love hiking , follow the environmental paths starting from here will take you to places of outstanding natural beauty.

  • The Museum Environment Stymfalias
  • The ruins of the ancient city Stymphalos, north fringes of the lake .
  • The impressive ruins of the Cistercian Monastery Zaraka, just outside the village , with a history that reaches back to 1236 and columns reminiscent of Gothic churches of the 13th century .
  • The picturesque village Kaliani to enjoy a beautiful hike to the monastery of Agia Paraskevi is tucked into ravine
  • Kionia and Chestnut with unparalleled natural beauty offer her chestnut, walnut , fir and maple trees.

The charming village is by far the most developed tourist infrastructure in the village of Corinthian . With an open view of the mountains to the Corinthian , literally hidden in the forest , spread over successive neighborhoods : the Lower , the Middle and Upper Trikala .

Worth seeing :

  • In Kato Trikala , the stone square with old growth trees and the churches of St. Demetrius ( 1697 ) and St. John ( 1853 ) .
  • The Church of the Transfiguration ( 9th century).
  • In Ano Trikala , mansion Notaraion home and birthplace of Saint Gerasimos .
  • The monastery of Agios Vasilios ( 17th c.) , A lush environment .
  • The valley Flabouritsa between the mountain ranges of the Great and Little Ziria .
  • The cave where, according to mythology, Mercury was born on the west side of Flampouritsa with remarkable stalagmites and stalactites.

Mountain village in a green environment near the archeological site . The surrounding area is called ” Corinthian Switzerland ‘ thanks to the unparalleled nature of beauty .

Worth seeing :

  • The Ancient Feneo , with the ruins of the ancient city . In nbspKalibia ( Ancient Feneos ) is the Archaeological Collection , with findings from the excavations in the area.
  • The pond Glory , formed by the dam Velo – Glory in the river Olbia . The surroundings are breathtaking and worth the walk round trip. In the center of the lake ( connected to the mainland with a narrow strip of land ) is the Paliomonastiro ( 14th c.) .
  • The three-storey monastery of St. George ( 1693 ) , very close to Lake Glory , where you’ll have spectacular views of the area . During the Ottoman period , the monastery functioned as a “secret school” ( today , the space has been converted into a small museum ) . During your visit , do not forget to try the sweet rose, you make the monks .
  • In plain gorgeous Feneou , growing high quality potatoes , beans , lentils and nuts that can be bought from shops.
  • The picturesque villages of Upper Zireia Tarsus ( close to which is the “Lady of the Rock “, a small castle of the 14th-15th c.) , Lower Tarsus , Strait , Goura , Messina and Moshi .

Mountain activities
The term Zireia is an ideal destination for hikers . Since almost all the villages begin scenic trails that span the miles and drive on mountain tops , in other villages or lush forests. Among the many options you suggest the path that starts from the road Stymfalias – Chestnut and ends at position Mycenaean castle , from where the view of the lake and the archaeological site of Stymfalos is unique . Very beautiful is also the trails in the Lake Dasiou particular that as the village Karya . If you select the drive (4×4 preferably) one of the most interesting routes starts from Kiatopros in plain Stymfalia . Equally impressive is the one that leads to the village of Goura (cross plateau Skafidias through fir forest Black Logos) . Alternatively , you can follow the route of Feneou towards the Monastery of St George or the Middle Trikalapros plateau Zireia .

You can even do:

  • Skiing , sledding , snow scooters (snowmobiles) in Sports ( Ski ) Zireia Center
  • Mountaineering
  • Canyoning
  • Riding in « Center Free Riding ” ( in Rethi , 4 km N of Kato Trikala )
  • Caving
  • Paragliding
  • Excursions with enduro machines
  • Mountain bike from the area of the Sports Centre Zireia to Lake Dasiou length of 4.5 km

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