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Location: Nemea, Corinthia
Telephone: 2746 023 123
The property Anastasiou is a family business. All members , regardless of age and educational level , deals with the cultivation of the vine and contribute from its own bastion in creating quality wines.We come from a family where the main pastime activities were farming and agriculture , with vineyards and cereal crops . In this way , our ancestors ensured the sufficiency and hence the freedom of the family , feeling that it was vital for creativity which showed grappled with anything then . The arrival of the family in the Nemea region , marked the beginning of dealing with the cultivation of the vine . Our ancestors learned the secrets of viticulture and the art of winemaking from local growers .H story of wine Anastasiou family starts in 1954 , when his father George Anastasiou creates own vineyards in the shadow of Jupiter Apessantiou to make the wine. The culture of the side Apessou was a great school for the next generation which is ” seeded ” as each vine vineyard with passion for growing grapes and producing quality wines.Today , the second generation winemakers having taught respect for both the natural environment and traditions of the region , bring their experience and passion of the family with the «state of the art» techniques for the creation and production of quality wines that maintain authenticity to taste .

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