Eco Action mountainous events

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Location: St Anargiron 16, Monastiraki, Athens
Telephone: 2103317866
Fax: 2103317253
The Eco Action is a company operating in the field of river and mountain events. It has two of its own bases in the region of Achaia and Arcadia in the Peloponnese .Ascholeitai with alternative tourism programs operating on inland country , which in 2002 expanded the islands . This extension is within the general guidelines of the company to integrate its programs less or no developed tourist areas of the country and the highlights .It is well known that they have the comparative advantages of non-alteration of natural elements and the authentic cultural identity.At the same time , many islands of Greece show strong morphological and cultural identity , which prompted the Eco Action to create original programs summer and winter season .H Eco Action seeks whenever the special features of each region and in particular:Features hiking (trekking) paths and trails , in conjunction with the visit special natural landscapes and historical and other attractions .Activities like rafting, biking , horseback riding , tours 4×4 vehicles , climbing , hiking or excursions ( by boat , kayak) or else that can be done due to the particularity of place .Points of ecological interest , wetlands , areas protected fauna / bird fauna for observation , sites rich flora .

Local traditional features, such as crafts , gastronomy , architecture or other projecting the identity of the place .

Alternative Τourism Αctivities

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