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Location: Corinthia
Website: http://www.kastania-rooms.gr/
Telephone: 30 27470 61289
Mobile: 30 6942066754
Fax: 30 27470 61248
Geographical position: Kastania 20016, Greece
37° 52′ 3.6156″ N, 22° 23′ 2.8644″ E

Welcome to “Kastania” , which lies between the provincial road Stymfalias – Feneos. Among the green spruce tops and valleys at an altitude of 950 meters and is situated in mountainous our property. It was a great honor and pleasure to bring you to our area, so you have the opportunity to enjoy the rustic cuisine in a traditional tavern , as even spend the night in our brand new rooms , each individually has named of the mountain ranges that surround the village . All rooms are individually decorated differently , each one of them has a special and unique style so as to meet the expectations of every guest.

All rooms have .

  • Heating , always hot water boiler .
  • Television 22″ Lcd.
  • Private bathroom with shower enclosed.
 The Zireia room which is double, takes its name from the mountain range Zireia or otherwise as said Kyllene and from which you can enjoy the view of the mountain that, coming out on the balcony or even from inside the room. The room having a large double bed and brand new furnitures in classical line, offer you a warm atmosphere for rest and relaxation.
Oligyrtos room which is double, with a special feature large balconies available, giving you the chance to admire the view of Mount Oligyrtos, the second-highest mountain range after Zireia height 1935 m. The room consists of a large double bed and brand new furnitures in classical line. The Room Oligyrtos is a spacious room that can offer rest and relaxation.
Trikrina room is a 3bed/4bed room which consists of two single beds and a sofa that has the potential to become a bed. This room is a large space that is quite inhospitable for more than two people, where they can enjoy the view of the mountain range, offering a lovely warm atmosphere for relaxation.
Gerontios room is also a 3bed/4 bed room which consists of two single beds and a sofa bed. This room has great views of the mountain Montenegrin altitude 1695m. It is a very functional room for more than two people, giving visitors the opportunity to relax and escape from their daily routine.
Trikorfo room which is a 3bed room consists of one double bed and one single. Across the room unfolds a breathtaking view of evergreen trees, which allow the traveler to admire nature and relax. This room offers peace and relaxation to those who choose it because of the comfort and space available.
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