Sprint Assignment And Assumption Agreement Form

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Spoke with the Sprint representative and we were sent with the assignment and acquisition agreement for the transfer of the lease. Friend A is sometimes a bit of a difficult person and now refuses to sign the assignment and acquisition agreement, although friend A doesn`t have to pay the rest in the end. (I know this also destabilizes my mind) Friend A is also trying to force us to falsify their name (won`t happen) or would like us to sign their own repayment contract they designed and pay them money directly (not ideally, since we no longer have contact with this person or we want to be financially or legally linked to this person) Consolidate our phone bills on my mother`s account. His line is in the process of changing ownership of a multi-line sprint plan between friend A and friend B and himself. Friend A is the primary account holder and released the account to my mom through the online COO process. Unfortunately, the credit check did not match. The phone number was passed on, but the lease accelerated and the fee was stuck to friend A. My main questions are: Is there a way around friend A`s strange actions? If not, what will happen to the current COO? Who owns the phone physically, while my partner has contributed to the lease with the initial payment in the last 13 months? If anyone has any proposals, that would be welcome. .