Southern Rural Water Enterprise Agreement

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management of our main facilities such as water storage dams, large projects and environmental responsibility The granting of water licences from rivers, streams and undergrounds, approval to build related works (such as drilling and dams) and application of licensing conditions in southern Victoria Operates the Macalister Gravitational Irrigation System and provides water deliveries to the Macalister and Thomson Rivers and Rainbow Creek Seven of large water dams for irrigation customers, urban water authorities and water authorities. Oriental Watering The Bacchus Marsh and Werribee Irrigation Districts Resume Containing a current CV describes your qualifications, licenses, work history, skills, relevant training and referee. Your work path should contain a brief summary of the positions taken in hand, the responsibilities and responsibilities of each position and all the successes that may be relevant to your application. It is normal to provide photocopies of your relevant qualifications and licenses. Expenditures and Revenues, Risk Management and Financial Management We have a diversity and inclusion plan to ensure that we continue to focus on the benefits of diversity for our organization. What our people say about working at Southern Rural Water Your contact information Please provide your daily phone number, an email address if you have one and a postal address. We also understand that people have obligations outside of work. Our approach to flexibility helps people achieve their personal and professional goals. We provide a work environment that encourages people to achieve their goals. We propose: The technology provided allows me to register from anywhere and be fully efficient.

SRW takes care of the culture of the organization and always strives to improve. Training and development opportunities are closely linked to my role and help me create added value in my field. Southern Rural Water is a great place to work. We strive to provide our customers and our community with exceptional service and to attract talented and motivated people whose values are in line with ours. Employment control Please conduct a medical and psychometric assessment prior to employment at our expense. In some positions, you may need to perform other checks. B for example «working with children» and/or a police examination. We will also conduct referee checks for all positions. Please include the contact information of at least 3 arbitrators in your application. Insert a cover letter outlining how you meet the position selection requirements and criteria. Keep it briefly, to the point and add relevant examples of your experience. The points are correct.

SRWs are great at working because I can negotiate flexible work rules to prepare work for my life. There are opportunities to be involved in projects, and these opportunities promote my development. Unsuccessful candidates We will inform all unsuccessful candidates at the end of the competition. Where can I submit your application? Apply online via the current vacancy notice link. If you are wondering if you are fit to play a role in Southern Rural Water and would like to continue to discuss our approach to diversity, please contact our staff service team. SRW is an excellent employer with an even better staff. SRW has given me the opportunities, challenges and flexibility I need to revitalize myself, to do what I can best. Shortlist Candidates We select candidates by evaluating your written application based on the main selection criteria and selecting the highest rated candidates for the next stage. Advertisement for the position to win a number of candidates We campaign internally and on numerous occasions, outside to win an appropriate pool of candidates. Our external ads may appear in local newspapers, major dailies, our website, specialized recruitment sites and occasionally through specialized human resources advisors.