Shs Memorandum Of Agreement

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6 The company and the school reserve the right to terminate their participation in the contract by formal written notification within thirty (30) days before the effective date of termination. Both parties will operate all the services agreed in the work immersion program. Termination is subject to mutual agreement between the parties. IV. RESPONSIBILITY The school, its administrator and teachers who exercise the authority and supervision of the high school student who dives into the partner`s premises may be held responsible for the student`s actions. Each party shall be liable for any loss or damage resulting from accidents, acts or omissions directly attributable to its fault or negligence, which, by or as a result of the performance of their respective obligations by the parties under this Agreement, may result in the death or injury of persons or the loss or damage of property. Such liability shall remain with those responsible, even after the termination of this Agreement, if such loss and damage has been caused during the effectiveness of this Agreement. DepEd is not responsible for occasional business losses during the term and after termination of this Agreement. V. PRIVACY DepEd and students have clearly understood that all information about technology, manufacturing process, process standards, quality assurance methods, quality standards, production capabilities, raw material purchase, marketing, finance and all other related documents, manuals, business and technical matters that the company provides to them are used exclusively for student training purposes. All such matters are classified as confidential and the ownership of the enterprise, and each student therefore undertakes to prevent the transmission of such information by one of its members to a party outside the enterprise (see Annex F) VI. OTHER PROVISIONS The parties have explicitly understood that the company is not obliged to pay a salary or a salary: in the absence of an employer/employee relationship. However, the company is not prevented from providing the student with financial or financial assistance in the form of transport costs, meal allowances, etc.

In determining the existence of an employer/employee relationship, the following elements shall be taken into account: (1) the power to recruit; (2) payment of wages; (3) the power to dismiss and (4) the power to control the worker`s behaviour, with the control test generally taking precedence overall. . . .