Sewing Machine Rental Agreement

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We are committed to providing quality equipment through the rental process for temporary use or pre-purchase evaluation. 1. The customer must inspect the machine during delivery. IMPAK must be informed of problems (damage, non-functional parts, etc.) with the rental machine. If the customer does not predonance this message within 2 days of the delivery of the machine, it is presumed that the customer has clearly accepted the machine in accordance with the description. 2. Rental machines are not available for purchase (rental equipment often has additional options to ensure functionality). 3. All rents are paid in advance. 4.

Rental periods are for two (2) weeks. 5. The customer should provide samples of equipment before renting on the machine to guarantee functionality (it`s a free service) 6. All machines need a refundable down payment before shipping. A company cheque or payment order is required. 7. Credit references may be required before the start of the rental period. 8.

Rental machines must be charged until the last day of the rental period at IMPAK SHIP, or the refundable deposit may be charged an additional rental period. 9. The customer assumes any risk of loss or deterioration of the machine for any reason during the rental period and undertakes to return them to the company in the condition that the company has received, with the exception of normal wear and tear. The designated employee (IMPAK) determines normal wear. All of impAK`s findings are definitive. 10. Original shipping box was designed to ship the equipment safely. Please store the box and all internal components safely for return.

Carefully remove the devices (empty filters, heating elements, etc.) from the machine before repackaging to avoid shipping damage. 11. At the time of signing the lease, a refundable deposit equal to 75% of the price of the machine is required. This deposit will be refunded to the customer at the end of this rent, subject to the possibility of the IMPAK to apply it for an additional rental fee and damages. 12. 50% of the rental fee and the total refundable deposit after the first rental period can be applied to the purchase price of a similar machine. Example: We have provided an example below to facilitate your understanding. If you have our 36″ retractable nozzle sealant (AirZ920E) PART – MACHINE PREIS MACHINE RENTAL FEE (for the first period, prepaid) REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT AirZ920E 6,395.00 USD 275.00 x 2 – 55 0.00 USD 4,796.25 Total amount before lease: 550.00 USD – 4,796.25 USD – 5,346.25 USD 4,796.25 USD (repayment deposit) can be used for additional rental periods, if necessary. 7.

At the end of the tenancy, the machine is returned to the owner with the accessories and the owner`s right to pledge on the machine must not be destroyed by an order or judgment that the landlord can obtain against the tenant. Steam Press Embroidering Machines Sewing Machines Sewing Machines Sewing Machine Company offers its customers a wide range of obsolete appliances for rent on a short-term basis with the ability to purchase the equipment at any time. This allows the customer to be competitive on contracts that they would not otherwise be able to enter into. WHERAS the owner lent the tenant a sewing machine and accessories; You cannot claim capital bonuses with shorter leases or if you do not have sufficient tax benefits.