Serff License Agreement

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Standard licenses automatically get a license to use EFT if the electronic SERFF license agreement is accepted, and it is enough to submit forms A, B&C to complete the EFT licensing process. Forms can be emailed to Third-party entities and credit rating agencies must continue to complete the license agreement for e-money transfer and indemnification (see link below) and submit the documents with an original signature or electronic signature to initiate the implementation process. Companies have the option of using LFS to pay a state registration fee. Many states and jurisdictions have required that state registration fees be paid through SERFF EFT. Apart from training or tutorial and the ability to use a data host, you only need an Internet browser and Adobe Acrobat or a PDF producer to submit submissions to SERFF. There are no fees for the use of SERFF. If you have any questions, please contact SERFF Implementation & Marketing at (816) 783-8787 or August 23 – The first email sent to customers regarding the change in data hosting has been sent.

August – News – Several contacts with customers regarding the transition. December 1 – Data hosting agreements should be signed for all customers who wish to migrate their paper repositories from their current data host. Third parties (TPF), rating agencies and general agents must enter into the TPF license agreement in order to obtain a license to use SERFF. Customers who have entered into a contract with SPI/Tracker for the use of the Tracker software must enter into a separate agreement. Please contact to obtain access to the corresponding license agreement. We require new licensees to participate in either the NAIC training course or the SERFF tutorial (available upon request). To learn more about training or see a list of upcoming tutorial dates, click here. Please let us know who you will be participating in. We cannot implement a new licensee until the licensee participates in the training or tutorial. .